A former Singapore Airlines flight attendant tells all in a revealing blog post

We flew on SQ And still Not even one crew responded to the call button in a span of 3hrs 45mins flight time. I requested for earphones manually hailed a crew , but got ear plugs instead Time to disembark, through out the flight, no smiles anywhere. Worst flight experience ever encountered , overall it was a very cold flight where the crew made you feel most unwelcome. I have done quite a bit of traveling in many different airlines!

High Flying Stewardess

They have to wear many hats on-board and be equipped with different skills in order to carry out their job duties efficiently. Although you mostly see them greeting passengers during boarding and landing, and serving food and drinks during meal service, their work does not stop there. All cabin crew have to go through a basic wine knowledge course during training so that they can learn about the wine served on-board. Crew need to know how to read wine labels to know what wine is available on the flight and be able to describe and recommend the different types of wine to passengers accordingly.

I am proud to be an ex cabin crew of the famous Singapore Airlines. Trainings were beneficial and gave me an insight of what to expect when I go onboard the​.

All applications can be submitted online or hardcopies by 31st July , with the relevant documents and proof of Income to : siasu ntuc. New Member. Member with Dependents staying in the same Household in Singapore. Member without Dependents staying in the same Household in Singapore. There is no minimum membership tenure, but there is a difference in quantum for existing and new members. Members would be required to submit two months of payslip, to illustrate the drop in income due to COVID The Committee shall also be giving out a “Book Prize” for the top successful applicant in the five categories.

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Members should meet the requirements laid down in the rules.

Singapore Airlines flight attendants’ top tips for Seoul, London, Paris and more

Singapore Airlines has earned a reputation for service excellence, and we welcome individuals who are customer-orientated, displays initiative, and a team player to join us as a cabin crew. Our crew are a talented group of individuals who hail from different walks of life. Find out what inspired them to take on this job, how they balance a flying career with their interests outside of work, and how they have developed themselves both professionally and personally.

Successful applicants will undergo a four-month training programme, one of the longest and most comprehensive in the airline industry. Our training programme covers topics such as:. During training, you will receive a basic salary.

During her time with Singapore Airlines, a flight attendant, known only as “Hilary”, said she used to cry before getting on flights because of the.

If you meet the following requirements, we will be pleased to receive your application. Successful candidates must be able to commence employment with us within three months from the date of application. Successful applicants will undergo a four-month training programme, one of the longest and most comprehensive in the airline industry. During training, you will receive a basic salary.

You will be based in Singapore and offered a 5-year employment contract initially. Additional 5-year contracts may be offered based on job performance. Apart from competitive remuneration, you will be granted free travel to any SIA destination once a year and enjoy discounted travel at other times. There is an attractive annual leave scheme, medical and dental treatment scheme, as well as comprehensive training programmes. Walk-in interviews will be held on 11 May Saturday at the following venue Interested applicants are requested to download and complete this application form.

7 things you might not know all SQ girls can do

If you think rabak passengers are all you need to deal with, here’s an inside scoop about the stewardess life. If she gives you her phone number, you’re likely to get at least a first date. Contrary to the sq cabin crew the singapore airlines flight attendants ‘ top tips for.

I meet SQ cabin crew everyday as I work at Perth international airport as a check date for 2 weeks as we were 15 minutes late coming home on a Friday night.

In a three-part series on the inflight service industry, Yahoo! Read Part 1 here and Part 2 here. In the third part of this series, we speak to one Singapore stewardess who was carried away by the good money and high-flying life but now finds herself in poor health and even poorer finances. For the purposes of this series, only first names have been used as most flight crew are bound by confidentiality agreements.

Despite her growing credit card bills, she continues to live in style, driving a European sports car and owning a wardrobe full of expensive branded bags and clothing, most with their price tags still on. Her extravagant behaviour is far from uncommon in the industry she works in — in fact, she said, most of her colleagues lead the same lifestyle.

Vanessa started working as a flight attendant after graduating from a private university here about five years ago and was instantly swept up by the free-spending behaviour of her fellow flight attendants. I have no savings at all. According to Vanessa and her colleague, who wanted to be known only as Min, female flight crew suffer from a range of occupational hazards which include hair loss, headaches, and tired legs with cracked heels.

The hairstyle is very heavy and a lot of us get bad headaches as a result. Their skin condition also deteriorates due to the extremely dry inflight cabin air, while cracked heels and varicose veins come from standing on their feet for hours on end with hardly any rest. Severe dry-eye syndrome, fatigue and weight-gain are other common problems that flight crew face because of harsh cabin conditions and irregular meal and sleeping times.

Weight gain is also a permanent pre-occupation for flight crew, who are under pressure to stay svelte and slim in their uniforms.

SQ 861 – worst service, Stewardess… – Singapore Airlines

I’ve been a flight attendant for a major U. These days the skies aren’t quite as friendly as they once were. No joke—it’s probably easier to pick up a fully loaded beverage cart than it is a flight attendant today, which is why I offer the following tips.

Besides date nights at Charlie’s corner, a watering hole near the old SIA club in Changi, they shared similar flight schedules – thanks to a.

I watched a group of trainees practice plating meals in a mockup of an A business class cabin. Then they switched to a middle seat passenger in the same aisle which meant laying things down in the precise opposite direction. Since this was practice the wine was really water, though red wine was a colored water. Everything was done precisely and intentionally. The trainees took this seriously and so did their instructor.

They worked hard to remember the order of everything and not to forget anything. They needed to ask the passenger at the right time about their bread and their wine, and serve an appetizer correctly. At first I was wishing that it did, and to some extent I do. Each flight attendant spends one and a half days of their training on hair and making. There are 5 approved hairstyles, but each woman is told which ones she is allowed to use. Flight attendants buy their own makeup, but it must match the allowable colors.

Rude Chief Stewardess – Singapore Airlines

Ever wanted to be a flight attendant? It’s not all luxury travel, shopping trips and attractive pilots. In fact, one former flight attendant makes it sound like a nightmare. During her time with Singapore Airlines, a flight attendant, known only as “Hilary”, said she used to cry before getting on flights because of the immense pressure she was put under.

P.S.: Read about my experience quitting a stable job to fly with SIA here. – Aircraft cabins –. 1. How clean are aircraft cabins? Truth be told.

Cabin crew did not enforce the following: 1 can’t believe that till date, there are passengers who bring excessive hand luggage onboard, resulting in inconvenience for other passengers, as we had to stow our luggage in the overhead compartment five rows ahead of where we are seated. Despite this, there is no apology from the cabin crew at all when our seat is taken. Is this a budget airline that we are taking? What’s the use of booking seats and checking in online in advance then?

And the moment our butts touched the seats, the air steward told us off to put our seat upright, where we have not even warmed the seats. We rejected his request, as it will take an even longer time for our turn, and having to re-queue again. Yet the air steward insisted and even suggested showing us the way. In the end, we realized that the toilet at the upper deck runs out of hand tissues, and no one refills it. Then why can’t the air steward just refill it, instead of asking the passenger with a child, having to walk all the way down to the lower deck?

Is this just plain laziness? When I asked for an apple juice via the call button, she delivered it and instructed me to “cancel the call”. There is no “please” in her instructions at all. I replied that “i did not know how to”, and she gave a snobbish reply, “chey!

Singapore Airlines

The airline is notable for using the Singapore Girl as its central figure in corporate branding. Singapore Airlines includes many airline-related subsidiaries. Singapore Airlines was the launch customer for the Airbus A – the world’s largest passenger aircraft – as well as the Boeing and the ultra-long-range version of the Airbus A It ranks amongst the top 15 carriers worldwide in terms of revenue passenger kilometers, [5] and is ranked tenth in the world for international passengers carried.

The Singapore government, which holds a golden share via the country’s Ministry of Finance , has stressed its non-involvement in the management of the company, a point emphasised by Minister Mentor Lee Kuan Yew when he said the Singapore Changi Airport’s front-runner status as an aviation hub is more important than the SIA.

Airline workers such as cabin crew are anxious over their financial said one 25​-year-old SIA flight attendant, who declined to be named.

View some A Suites product photos here. Customer rating from reviews. Write a Review Airline Seat Lounge. Show 10 20 50 Very poor customer service and communication. March 23, SQ emailed me that my flight was cancelled due to Covid situation. April 5: I wrote back “I would like to get a refund for my ticket.

F Cabin served by male cabin crew for the most part

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Prospective employees should also update their resumes to reflect recent work history.

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